Grant Priorities

The Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation is known for its long-term support of efforts to assist veterans and their families in regards to the effects of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) through the distribution of PTS publications to the VA Vet Centers, medical/mental health professionals and individuals who suffer from the effects of PTS.

In keeping with this mission the MOPHSF Grant Program will be giving priority to individual and organizations who are continuing the study and research into the effects of not only PTS and its associated behavioral health problems including depression, alcohol/drug abuse and suicide/suicide-related behaviors but also Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Consideration will be given to Grants that are designed to improve and gain knowledge in providing rehabilitation services to individuals suffering from these effects, treatment of individuals with disabilities related to TBI and PTS, the training and education family members or other authorized representatives of individuals with these disabilities and those programs that provide rehabilitation through recreational programs and activities.

In addition the MOPHSF is interested in those programs that are involved in research that brings a new perspective to TBI research to help expand and advance our understanding of traumatic brain injury. It is recognized that individuals suffering from TBI and PTS have an increased suicide rate and that suicide among our veteran and military population is increasing therefore we will also consider grants that relate to the study of suicide among these populations particularly those efforts that attempt to determine the prevalence and underlying causal factors of TBI/PTS related suicides, and develop effective measures to reduce the incidence of suicide within our veteran and military populations.