Remote Support

The Veterans Vocational Technical Institute”,   trains combat wounded and disabled U.S. veterans in career positions including market researchers, data managers, emergency hotline responders, website order processors, help desk managers and analysts, customer care and customer service coordinators, virtual administrators and other data management services. For many of these veterans, normal employment is otherwise not an option due to the nature of their disabilities.  This program has trained and assisted in the placement of hundreds of veterans worldwide, which has allowed them to work from home and support their families.  Our Help Desk, Training Center, Call Center and Purple Heart Radio display exhibits at many conferences and trade shows nationwide. 

Our training partners include Concenex, Numara, RightAnswers, SalesForce, TowerCare, InterSpire, Microsoft, Dell, ExamForce, Veteran Corp of America (a PRIME government contractor), and selected educational  Colleges.  We operate the virtual car donation program in-house utilizing remote agent graduates ( ), Our own online streaming radio station ( ), our Veterans Vocational Technical Institute ( ), and veteran employment programs ( ).  Various software and engineering services have been donated to our organization for a fraction of retail pricing or as a complete charitable donation.   As such, we train our veterans in real world technology and offer that technology to our own clients.  Our software partners get great PR from the exchange and we then offer a pool of trained agents to their clients in some cases.  We’re always on the lookout for partners that we can build a longstanding relationship with. 

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