Third Party Grants

Purpose: This procedure outlines the Grant process used for the approval and evaluation of all Third Party Grants by the MOPH Service Foundation. Third Party Grants are grants made to individuals and organizations that are not part of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) and its subordinate organizations as stated in their Constitution and Bylaws. Grants made to the MOPH and its subordinate organizations are covered under a separate procedure.

Criteria: The criterion for Third Party Grants has been approved by the Board of Directors and is stated as:

The grant process serves all veterans, their families and the communities in which they work and serve. Specifically, we support non-political programs that enhance the lives of wounded and disabled veterans and their families. Additionally, we support programs that further the education and history of the Purple Heart Medal and those recipients of the Purple Heart and those educational programs that further the education of our Constitution and form of Government.

In addition to grants to outside groups we support all veterans through our grants to the MOPH National Service Officer Program; our scholarship grant supports Purple Heart recipients including their families; our welfare and rehabilitation grants support those veterans in VA Hospitals and Veterans Homes.

We do not support programs that do not meet these broad objectives.

Process: The MOPH Service Foundation will establish an Open Season for the submission of Third Party Grants. The Board of Directors has established the open season for grants requests from outside groups begins July 1st and ends September 30th. This date will be published on the Service Foundation’s web site along with the criteria and grant request forms. Grants received outside of the open season will be returned to all requestors with notification of the MOPHSF’s open season and grant procedures.

The Foundation Board of Directors will approve an annual allocation of funds for Third Party Grants at each Annual Meeting in November. Additionally they may decide to specify the type of grants to be approved for the coming year based upon its projected revenues for the Fiscal Year; for example, the Board may decide to approve grants limited to the furthering of education of the Purple Heart Medal or limit the grants to projects that memorialize the Purple Heart Medal or to leave the awarding of grants within the generalized area of the approved grant criteria.

The grant request received during the open season will be prioritized and vetted as to need and ability to complete by the Service Foundation staff prior to the Annual Meeting in November. The Grant Committee will further review all Grant Request and provide a recommendation for approval or non-approval to the Board of Directors prior to the Annual Meeting. The Board will consider and vote on each Grant Request separately and those Grants that are approved will be returned to the Grant Committee who will supervise the administration and establish an evaluation process for each grant.

As stated earlier Grant Requests will be vetted by the staff and Grant Committee to insure that the proposed grant meets the requirements of the MOPHSF, that the organization or individual has the means to complete the proposed project, has the authority to act for the proposed project, the tax and corporation documents are in order and any other background/additional information deemed necessary by the staff and committee to insure that the grant will be fulfilled. Once the Grant Request is fully vetted and approved by the Board of Directors the Grant Committee will supervise and oversee the grant to insure that all requirements of the grant are met; this will include an evaluation/follow-up process for each grant. The evaluation/follow-up maybe simple for one time payments to build a memorial or it may be more complex for those project grants that take place over a longer period of time. In these cases the committee may establish milestones for payments during the project life.

The Grant Committee will consist of three voting members appointed by the Executive Board; additional members will be the Foundation’s Attorney and Chief Financial Officer. Additionally, the Committee Chairman will report annually to the Board of Directors on the committee’s activities for the previous year and the status of all Grants that were approved by the Board for that year and any other grants that remain outstanding from previous years.

Information: Please call Tina Tomsey at 703-635-3528 or email for further information.

Grant Request Form: Download